Multifunctional IPv4 proxies from Lexic.ml. Use them for social networks, online games and services, restricted web-pages and etc. Proxies automatically given to you after payment. Full anonymity when using proxies. There is a choice between individual and shared proxies, with a limit up to 3 users.

IPv6 proxy: 1.39 and 2.79 rubles 
IPv4 proxy: 39.9 and 84.6 rubles



O2Proxy offest high-quality and inxpensive IPv4 proxies with locations all over Russia, which are suitable for anonymous work with many sites on Web. API to automate the process. High speed and no limitations on traffic. You get a big discount when buying large amount of IPs.

IPv4: less than 69 rubles per month



If you work with social networks, online games, or just want to bypass restrictions, you're in the right place. Primeproxy offers individual IPv4 proxies, that will allow you to access blocked web-pages, as well as preserve full anonymity and security of your data. You'll guaranteed get working IPs from Russia or/and United States.

IPV6: 10 rubles per month per piece
IPV4 (SEO): 150 rubles per month


Proxy Shop

If you were searching for quality and cheap proxies, stop your search now on Proxy Shop website. The service offers really low prices, which drops with the number of proxies ordered. Customize your own order and get individual proxies. Powerful data-centres guarantee maximum allowable speed and full security.

IPv6 proxy: from 40 rubles per month
IPv4 proxy: less than 100 rubles per month
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