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Company Price Promocode URL
1. Cloud4box from 335 rub. to 6955 rub. 3369_7105 cloud4box.com
2. Beget from 190 rub. to 72000 rub. - beget.com
3. Schneider Host from 1.95 USD to 150.00 USD - shneider-host.ru
4. Sprinthost from 100 rub. to 16600 rub. UTP12-1TY9Y-B60AJ sprinthost.ru
5. Fozzy from 3.00 USD to 180.00 USD extra_10 fozzy.com
6. Webhost1 from 50 rub. to 80000 rub. f4e9a0-10 webhost1.ru
7. Mchost from 156 rub. to 13000 rub. 1313751747 mchost.ru
8. FirstVDS from 239 rub. to 3309 rub. 648673444 firstvds.ru
9. Timeweb from 189 rub. to 37600 rub. - timeweb.com
10. Simplecloud from 150 rub. to 22400 rub. - simplecloud.ru

1. Cloud4box


Cloud4box is a Russian company that offers various services for hosting your projects on company servers. High-quality service provided by the company will help your Internet project become susccessfull. You can rent dedicated server, VPS/VDS server, organize all of your data on company's web-cloud, or order administration and integrated server maintanence services.

Cost: from 335 rub. to 6955 rub.
Promocode:: 3369_7105
Official site: https://cloud4box.com/

Go to site cloud4box.com

2. Beget


Cooperation with worldwide known IT-leaders as Intel, Cisco, WD, Seagate and others helps Beget to offer hosting services with a high-quality mark. Company owns powerful, reliable and fast equipment which can guarantee uninterrupted work of your web-site or any other project. No matter who you are the CEO of a big company or just a student - all are treated equally on a high level.

Cost: from 190 rub. to 72000 rub.
Official site: https://beget.com/

Go to site beget.com

3. Schneider Host

Schneider Host

Schneider Host offers reliable, high-quality, and most importantly convenient hosting with support for PHP and MySQL at affordable prices. Five years of presence on the market allows us to speak loud about the achievements of the company: many positive customer reviews about hosting that host sites of varying complexity on the company's servers, ranging from single-page business cards to large corporate portals. Tariff plans are designed in such a way that you pay only for what you really use, also some other functions are included in your package for free.

Cost: from 1.95 USD to 150.00 USD
Official site: https://shneider-host.ru/

Go to site shneider-host.ru

4. Sprinthost


Sprinthost is a reliable hosting provider that provides you with all the tools for the stable operation of your sites. The service offers free web-site transfer, protection against unwanted attacks and spam, as well as complete security with access to your account. All tariffs include updated modules, as well as many free services.

Cost: from 100 rub. to 16600 rub.
Promocode:: UTP12-1TY9Y-B60AJ
Official site: https://sprinthost.ru/

Go to site sprinthost.ru

5. Fozzy


Fozzy positions themselves as a fast hosting. Fast both on loading page and when navigating within the site. Because Fozzy knows that people don't like to wait. If page is taking more than 4 seconds to load, visitors more likely will leave your web-site. Get fast and cheap hosting now. There's an option for a refund for unused period if you are not satisfied with hosting performance.

Cost: from 3.00 USD to 180.00 USD
Promocode:: extra_10
Official site: https://fozzy.com/

Go to site fozzy.com

6. Webhost1


Webhost1 is a professional hosting provider that has started their work in 2008. Company's servers host both small business card sites and large forums. For over 10 years of operations company has hosted more than 150 thousand projects. Each customer recieves a basic set of features, reliable DDoS-attacks protection, a convinient control panel, as well as 24/7 support.

Cost: from 50 rub. to 80000 rub.
Promocode:: f4e9a0-10
Official site: https://webhost1.ru/

Go to site webhost1.ru

7. Mchost


Mchost provides high quality website hosting. Started in 2004, the company has already managed to serve more than 50 thousand customers. Technical equipment consists of 1000 Dell servers, which are famous for their modernity, reliability and high speed. Mchost servers host both simple and complex web-projects.

Cost: from 156 rub. to 13000 rub.
Promocode:: 1313751747
Official site: https://mchost.ru/

Go to site mchost.ru

8. FirstVDS


FirstVDS is a leader in the market of hosting virtual dedicated servers. Customers' trust have been gained by the company since its creation in 2002. Hosting offers only VDS and VPS services, observing its main goal - to do one thing, but with the highest quality. The company uses the latest generation equipment, which is constantly monitored by specialists.

Cost: from 239 rub. to 3309 rub.
Promocode:: 648673444
Official site: https://firstvds.ru/

Go to site firstvds.ru

9. Timeweb


There are many reasons why customers choose Timeweb as their hosting provider. Firstly, the company has its own data centers, which operate high-performance servers, allowing you to keep the Uptime mark at 99.9%. Secondly, it’s convenient to use the services of a provider, everything you need is available in control panel. Thirdly, you can always find different promotional offers on the site, and finally, you can get professional help from responsive support team.

Cost: from 189 rub. to 37600 rub.
Official site: http://timeweb.com/

Go to site timeweb.com

10. Simplecloud


Simplecloud is a fast and convenient service that stands out for its high performance at low prices. The company offers perhaps the best value for money. Installing the server after payment does not take even more than a minute, and you, in turn, will receive a fully configured OS for your business. The latest generation Intel Xeon processors are responsible for server performance.

Cost: from 150 rub. to 22400 rub.
Official site: https://simplecloud.ru/

Go to site simplecloud.ru

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