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There is a variety of services which offer to buy ipv4 proxies. First thing that you should pay attention when choosing a provider is customer reviews, who worked or still working with the company. Each service provides its own proxy characteristics, and the most important among them are following: stability of work, high-speed in exchanging data, locations worldwide, high level anonymity on the Web and responsiveness of technical support.

You can buy ipv4 proxies and use them on any purpose you have, and depending on what you've chosen to use them for, you can buy separate proxies or big lists of them. You can pick from static and dynamic IP-addresses, individual or public-use proxies as well.

So many services provide minimum requirements which are necessary to implement your ideas. However, the price varies depending on the services' reputation, location and up-time of data servers and some other factors.

Company Price Promocode URL
1. Proxy6 from 0.06 USD to 1.77 USD - proxy6.net
2. Proxy.Market from 5.9 RUB to 65 RUB - proxy.market
3. Proxy Store from 59 RUB to 142 RUB - proxy-store.com
4. Proxy Mania from 5 RUB to 80 RUB - proxymania.ru
5. Proxy Line from 0.42 USD to 1.59 USD - proxyline.net
6. Lexic.ml from 70 RUB to 302 RUB - lexic.ml
7. O2proxy from 60 RUB to 149 RUB - o2proxy.com
8. Primeproxy from 10 RUB to 195 RUB - primeproxy.net
9. Actproxy from 0.25 USD to 45 USD - actproxy.com
10. The Safety from 2 USD to 3990 USD - thesafety.us
11. Space Proxy from 0.45 USD to 1.62 USD - spaceproxy.net

1. Proxy6

2 198

Proxy6's team have been serving its clients for more than 5 years already. People choose Proxy6 for several reasons: consistency in high speed, full anonimity without logs, best prices in the market, automatision of the process and helpful support team.

Cost: from 0.06 USD to 1.77 USD
Official site: https://proxy6.net/

Go to site proxy6.net

2. Proxy.Market

2 042

Proxy.Market uses modern technology of selecting IPs of proxy networks. This allows users to work safer, faster and more stable. Five years of experience in this market allows us to achieve high results and help clients with the solution of their problems.

Cost: from 5.9 RUB to 65 RUB
Official site: https://proxy.market/

Go to site proxy.market

3. Proxy Store

1 919
Proxy Store

Proxy Store is a place where you can rent proxies for all your purposes: restricted web-sites, games, social networks and other needs. Service provides high-level anonimity, techinical stability and unlimited traffic and many other great features. If you're somehow not satisfied with the service, there is an option of refund.

Cost: from 59 RUB to 142 RUB
Official site: https://proxy-store.com/

Go to site proxy-store.com

4. Proxy Mania

2 017
Proxy Mania

ProxyMania provides high-quality individual IPv4 and IPv6 proxies, which will become an excellent tool for solving many of your tasks. When buying proxies here, you will receive many additional features for free. Proxies help you to remain anonymous on the Internet, get access to inaccessible in your region services and web-pages and also improve connection.

Cost: from 5 RUB to 80 RUB
Official site: http://proxymania.ru/

Go to site proxymania.ru

5. Proxy Line

2 090
Proxy Line

On the Proxy Line site, you can purchase IPv4 proxies from various geolocations around the world. The service offers an unlimited number of IP addresses and decent prices. For the entire time you use the proxy, you are guaranteed their full performance, reliability and functionality.

Cost: from 0.42 USD to 1.59 USD
Official site: https://proxyline.net/

Go to site proxyline.net

6. Lexic.ml

1 848

Multifunctional IPv4 proxies from Lexic.ml. Use them for social networks, online games and services, restricted web-pages and etc. Proxies automatically given to you after payment. Full anonymity when using proxies. There is a choice between individual and shared proxies, with a limit up to 3 users.

Cost: from 70 RUB to 302 RUB
Official site: http://lexic.ml/

Go to site lexic.ml

7. O2proxy

1 916

O2Proxy offest high-quality and inxpensive IPv4 proxies with locations all over Russia, which are suitable for anonymous work with many sites on Web. API to automate the process. High speed and no limitations on traffic. You get a big discount when buying large amount of IPs.

Cost: from 60 RUB to 149 RUB
Official site: https://o2proxy.com/

Go to site o2proxy.com

8. Primeproxy

1 898

If you work with social networks, online games, or just want to bypass restrictions, you're in the right place. Primeproxy offers individual IPv4 proxies, that will allow you to access blocked web-pages, as well as preserve full anonymity and security of your data. You'll guaranteed get working IPs from Russia or/and United States.

Cost: from 10 RUB to 195 RUB
Official site: http://primeproxy.net/

Go to site primeproxy.net

9. Actproxy

1 874

It's easy to order, setup and use proxies on ACTProxy website. Service guarantees 99.9% uptime, multiple geolocations, full control of your proxies list, fast uplink and safety of your data. Technical support is always ready to answer your questions and help you with any problem. 3-days refund available if you're not satisfied with proxy.

Cost: from 0.25 USD to 45 USD
Official site: https://actproxy.com/

Go to site actproxy.com

10. The Safety

1 865
The Safety

The Safety offers 2 types of proxy: ultra anonymous and constant. By purchasing ultra anonymous you manually take proxies from the database, they live for 24 hours and guarantee high level of anonimity. By purchasing constant proxies you get list of proxies which you can use for social media, online games, SMM and etc. At this moment there are more than 19000 IPs with different locations in the world.

Cost: from 2 USD to 3990 USD
Official site: https://thesafety.us/

Go to site thesafety.us

Space Proxy

1 853
Space Proxy

To solve various problems on the Internet, you may need a proxy server. Anonymous individual or shared proxies can be used for simultaneous use of several accounts in social networks, promoting a business by parsing information, playing in online games, bypassing various locks. The Space Proxy service kindly provides proxies for any of your tasks for symbolic prices.

Cost: from 0.45 USD to 1.62 USD
Official site: https://spaceproxy.net/

Go to site spaceproxy.net

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