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Company Price Promocode URL
1. AdMobiSpy from 49 USD to 599 USD - admobispy.com
2. Espyge from 59 USD to 99 USD - espyge.com
3. Spyteg from 149 USD to 299 USD - spyteg.com
4. SpyOver from 149 USD to 299 USD - spyover.com

1. AdMobiSpy


AdMobiSpy is a service designed to monitor ads. Thanks to this tool, you can learn more about the features of advertising campaigns in different social networks. Find the best means to promote your campaigns thanks to advanced statistics of different types of advertising, develop growth points and save on your budget. Do not let competitors get ahead of you.

Cost: from 49 USD to 599 USD
Official site: https://admobispy.com/

Go to site admobispy.com

2. Espyge


Espyge is ads monitoring tool. The service allows you to find the best ad campaigns and links of competitors on more than 15 teaser networks. Get advanced statistics that include time, geo, devices, and other parameters. Analyze the data and launch your own successful campaigns.

Cost: from 59 USD to 99 USD
Official site: https://espyge.com/

Go to site espyge.com

3. Spyteg


Spyteg is a service that allows you to monitor and analyze adult ads. Save time for thesis testing, get thousands of ads of different types in a second in your personal cabinet. Analyze the best competitors' advertising campaigns and tweak yours to fit your audience's desires. The service offers advanced search, which includes search by keywords, offers, sites, text, etc.

Cost: from 149 USD to 299 USD
Official site: https://spyteg.com/

Go to site spyteg.com

4. SpyOver


SpyOver is a service designed to analyze teaser ads. The service analyzes more than 150 geos and gives you the most trending and popular ad campaigns, the analysis of which will allow you to create your own ads that will increase your profits. Thanks to the service, you can save time, analyze the market and compare the success of your competitors with your own.

Cost: from 149 USD to 299 USD
Official site: https://spyover.com/

Go to site spyover.com

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