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Company Price Promocode URL
1. Octo Tracker from 2400 rub. to 8500 rub. - octotracker.com
2. BeMob from 49 USD to 499 USD - bemob.com
3. Zeustrack from 499 EUR to 899 EUR - zeustrack.io
4. Binom 99 USD - binom.org
5. AdsBridge from 29 USD to 799 USD - adsbridge.com
6. Voluum - - voluum.com
7. RedTrack - - redtrack.io

1. Octo Tracker

Octo Tracker

Octo Tracker is a multifunctional flexible arbitrage tracker which will increase your campaigns efficiency. Among the main Octo advantages are powerful analytical capabilities: reports on more than 20 metrics, traffic quality analysis, automatic bot search, financial statistics and etc. Octo could be intergrated with more than 60 sources and affiliates. There are two versions of the tracker offered: a cloud-based version suitable for beginners and a self-hosted version for advanced arbitrators. Regardless of your choice, you'll get a worthwhile tool for your projects.

Cost: from 2400 rub. to 8500 rub.
Official site: http://octotracker.com

Go to site octotracker.com

2. BeMob


BeMob offers tracking tool for managing and analyzing your campaigns while scaling your growth. Collect all the relevant traffic data and supplementary information and view it in one place - your personal account. Manage all incoming traffic regardless of its type. BeMob offers a complete picture by combining the data you receive into a single report that will point out any weaknesses and growth points. With BeMob you can save time and money by focusing on new ideas and development instead of routine tasks.

Cost: from 49 USD to 499 USD
Official site: https://bemob.com/

Go to site bemob.com

3. Zeustrack


Zeus is a ready-to-use arbitrage tool. With Zeustrack functionality, you can create and launch campaigns of any complexity. The tracker supports teamwork and role based access rights. The service offers a large number of reports and data, both by team and personally by employee. Another advantage of the tracker is quick setup, without deep technical knowledge.

Cost: from 499 EUR to 899 EUR
Official site: https://zeustrack.io/

Go to site zeustrack.io

4. Binom


Binom is a multifunctional self-hosted tracker, which is the leader in click-through rate. The goal of the project is to save your time when arbitraging. The tracker has many advantages over competitors, including a large number of metrics, smart autorotation, a large number of reports, the analysis of which will bring you joy from the process. With the help of several types of filtering, you can optimize your campaigns in just few clicks. Binom also supports a team process organization, where you can tune personal rights access to a tracker.

Cost: 99 USD
Official site: https://binom.org/

Go to site binom.org

5. AdsBridge


AdsBridge is an arbitration solution for your business. The AdsBridge tracker is a tool with a wide range of features, which is not limited to the tariff plan you choose. In any case, the tracker will work for you and the development of your business. The tracker allows you to monitor the quality of your traffic, analyze it and optimize it if necessary. AdsBridge is a cloud-based tracker with 7 data centers providing instant downloads from anywhere in the world. Enjoy using the tool and increase the profitability of your campaigns.

Cost: from 29 USD to 799 USD
Official site: https://adsbridge.com/

Go to site adsbridge.com

6. Voluum


Voluum is an affilate all-in-one software. Service allows you to track, optimize and automate processes in your campaigns. Voluum tracker allows you to track any kind of advertising: native, pop-up, e-mail newsletters, push, etc. Voluum creates fast reports with over 30 indicators. Together with Traffic Distribution AI find the most effective points of growth to promote your products and services. The service supports integration with over 40 services, so forget about switching tabs - work from one personal account.

Official site: https://voluum.com/

Go to site voluum.com

7. RedTrack


RedTrack is an all-in-one platform that combines several tools for working with advertising and affiliate programs. Take advantage of RedTrack's capabilities in order to track your advertising campaigns, analyze and improve their effectiveness. The service provides accurate data on clicks and conversions and offers several optimization options. Get the most out of your ads and save your budget. RedTrack supports teamwork through a single account.

Official site: https://redtrack.io

Go to site redtrack.io

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